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Even as technology keeps advancing, in lighting as in other fields, the world we live in becomes ever more homogenized. The techniques at our disposal (LED lighting, control over intensity or color, preprogrammed lighting schemes, etc...) give us the feeling of a personalized environment, but only within the limits of our own private space. Everyone can live this experience—at home. But when we cross the threshold of our front door, what happens then?  



With this in mind, how can we extend the personalization of our private space to our public spaces? One of many examples: it’s now easy to translate, in an instant, any web page into our own language, while others can translate the exact same page into theirs—without affecting anyone else’s reading. How can this personalization of the virtual world be implemented in the physical world, through lighting? Short of having a drone following our every move, how can personalized lighting help us to live side by side, or improve the society in which we must live together? In what ways could individuals control this lighting, and how can we each live our own experience without disrupting others or creating social chaos?



For this third edition of the CLUE competition, candidates are invited to reflect on these questions. Proposals should suit the context of a public space—interior or exterior—and should answer a social need while improving quality of life and having a positive impact on the community, all through the personalization of lighting. There are no budgetary or technological limitations, and candidates are given carte blanche to present inventive lighting solutions. Proposals will be evaluated on the relevance and the originality of their approach. 




Winners will be selected from all eligible submitted projects. Prizes will be awarded on merit by an international jury composed of professionals in the fields of design and urban planning. Prizes will be distributed as follows on the jury’s discretion.

* More details

1 st

$5 000*

2 nd

$2 500

3 rd

$1 000 


The CLUE budget has a Travel Stipend to send the 1st prize winner to attend LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) - to be held in Philadelphia PA, USA , May 7– 11, 2017 - in the amount of $2,000. If the laureate (or if a Team, one person to be selected) is available and able to attend the show they will need to follow the suggested travel reimbursement guidelines where an estimate is required after they have received their prize money. CLUE will reimburse the winner of these travel costs –Air-fare, lodging and LFI registration - Laureate will then need to submit receipts of these estimated-approved travel expenses in order to be reimbursed – Note that in no manner is CLUE prepaying or making any travel arrangements - The laureate will need to incur these travel costs and then submit for reimbursement after estimate approval


The jury will be announced following the launch of the contest.


September 15, 2016

CLUE 03 competition launch

January 15, 2017, 23:59 (GMT-5)

Deadline for questions

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January 30, 2017, 23:59 (GMT-5)

Deadline for registration

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January 31, 2017, 23:59 (GMT-5)

Deadline for project submittal

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March 7, 2017

Judging of proposals

March 13, 2017

Publication of winners



Q.1 -

Is it mandatory to register on the web site or can we simply submit a project as in previous years?

R.1 -

Since the last competition, there are two steps to enter the competition:

1. Registration: Registration is free and mandatory in order to receive rules and updates by email. Registration is possible until the day before the date of submittal (see schedule);

2. Submittal: Submittal of your project in the manner specified in the regulations.

Q.2 -

–The regulations are not published on the contest website, where can we find them?

R.2 -

As specified in A.1, it is mandatory to register in order to receive regulations and updates for the competition, this registration is free. Competition rules are automatically sent upon registration, in a PDF file (English and French in a single file).

Q.3 -

I read in the submittal form that some design standards are required; however, I could not find these standards on the website.

R.3 -

Graphic standards and other requirements for submittals are included in the rules transmitted automatically after registration, you will find them in the PDF file (CLUE03-guidelines.pdf) on page 10.

Q.4 -

I also wanted to know if a project description in English is available.

R.4 -

You can find a description of the competition in both English and French on separate pages of the competition web site:

• English version: http://www.cluecompetition.com/en/

• French version: http://www.cluecompetition.com/fr/

Meanwhile regulations have the English and French version together in one single PDF file (CLUE03-guidelines.pdf).

Q.5 -

In the rules it is mentioned a brief project description of 150 words maximum. I want to ask you if this rule also applies for the A1 format page or are we free to write any amount of words for this poster?

R.5 -

This rule applies to the A1 board/page. You can add titles, subtitles and short descriptions, but the main text should not exceed 150 words. Please note that juries will evaluate a large number of projects and will not have enough time to read longer descriptions.

Q.6 -

It is requested in the submittal form to include a brief project description, is this description the same text that is asked for on the competition board?

R.6 -

Yes, this description is the same as on the competition board. This text inserted in the submittal form facilitates the publishing of your projects by CLUE.

Q.7 -

I cannot insert my text in the box provided for that purpose in the submittal form; can you give me more information?

R.7 -

This textbox allows you to insert only 150 words, please check the length of your text.

Q.8 -

Must the texts be written in French?

R.8 -

Texts must be written in English only.

Q.9 -

Regarding the project, can it simply be a detailed sketch with a description? Or should I send a concept already completed or already in the form of detailed plans ready for production?

R.9 -

As specified in the regulations, the content of the board and the level of detail is left to the competitor. However, we recommend you refer to the evaluation criteria listed in the competition rules PDF.

Q.10 -

Is it possible to submit a project previously submitted to the CLUE competition to another competition or is it possible to reuse a project from another competition in the CLUE competition?

R.10 -

10.1 – Yes, the regulations do not prevent the reuse of a project submitted to the CLUE competition for another competition.

10.2– As specified in the regulations, “The project must not have been submitted in the previous years to the CLUE competitions nor have been awarded any prizes in any other contest or competition.” Projects that have not already been awarded in another competition are eligible.

Q.11 -

Is the competition only open to Canadian?

R.11 -

The competition is open worldwide to: “Upcoming professional with five (5) years or less of experience, students, individuals, trainees, or firms can participate: industrial designers, architects, engineers, landscape architects, artists, etc.” Multidisciplinary teams are invited to participate.

Q.12 -

I recently registered for the competition and I was wondering if we are able to work in groups? If so, how many people per group?

R.12 -

As specified in the regulations, “Multidisciplinary team are invited to participate” there is however no limitations on the number of participants in the same team. Teams are welcome as well as single participants.

Q.13 -

In the case of a team, is the prize given to each team member?

R.13 -

The award is given to a team for a single project. The prize is then divided for the team members at the team’s discretion.

Q.14 -

In the registration form of the competition, you use the term “Young Professionals”. Is there an age restriction to register?

R.14 -

It is specified in the regulations that the competition is open to “Young Professionals of 5 years and less experience”, so there is no age restriction.

Q.15 -

By «single board» (in the Participation requirements) do you mean the file that must be attached in the submittal form?

R.15 -

Exactly, by “single board” form as your competition entry.

Q.16 -

Please be kind to answer what E-address the competition entry should be sent to and what E-format it could be produced?

R.16 -

The project must be submitted via the submittal form only, this form allows you to attach your PDF file. Projects submitted by any other means will not be considered. Graphic standards and other requirements for submittals are included in the rules transmitted automatically after registration; you will find them in the PDF file (CLUE03-guidelines.pdf).

Q.17 -

We were wondering if it is allowed to submit more than one idea. The Term & Conditions does not specify this. Can we submit more than one idea as a team or should we submit an idea independently each one of us?

R.17 -

The competition is anonymous, so the regulation does not prevent any participant or team submit multiple projects. However, each submission must be registered independently, this is to say a registration form must be completed for each submission and a PDF file must be attached.

Q.18 -

Because the registration requires a "team representative", I must ask if all members in a group receive equal credit in the competition results?

R.18 -

All team members receive equal credit.

Q.19 -

Is there color restriction on PDF? RGB or CMYK?

R.19 -

If possible, CMYK is preferable.

Q.20 -

Under "Participation Requirements" (page 9) of the CLUE guidelines PDF, one of the DOCUMENT rules says that "An image should represent the project in a context which remains free." What does this mean? (An image that could be separated from the submitted board? An image without any recognizable contextual landmarks? Both?)

R.20 -

This requirement indicates that you are free to select the context in which your proposal is illustrated. It may be general or specific, depending on your proposal.

Q.21 -

I would like information on the number of countries from which come competition participants.

R.21 -

As registrations and submissions are confidential and anonymous, we cannot share this information.

Q.22 -

Is it possible to submit multiple projects? Or is each team restricted to one single proposal?

R.22 -

It is possible, but each submitted project must have its own registration number. The project must not have been submitted in the previous CLUE competitions nor have been awarded any prizes in any other contest or competition.

Q.23 -

Is it planned to realize and industrialize the winning project or is the project just granted a money prize moneyed prize.

R.23 -

The only prizes awarded are described on page 6 of the Competition guidelines (CLUE03-guidelines.pdf).

Q.24 -

Are the employees of Philips or family members of the employees allowed to participate in the competition?

R.24 -

The competition doesn't apply family members  and employees of the Philips company

Q.25 -

After a fisrt career I studied in the field of design, am I considered as young professional?

R.25 -

Yes, you need to have 5 years or less of experience in the field of the CLUE competion only,


All quesions must be submitted before January 15th 2017 and addressed to: faq@cluecompetition.com
No individual response will be provided. The FAQ will be updated monthly.